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Keeping a dog mentally stimulated is important. If we don’t pay enough attention to our dogs’ minds, they often become bored or start misbehaving, and their mental health can quickly deteriorate. To avoid these problems, here are 5 quick tips to challenge your dog’s brainpower and turn him into a genius! 

Do you find yourself trying hopelessly to get your dog’s attention? Does “in one ear and out the other” sound familiar? Or does your dog find it easy to listen to you until he sees the dreaded mail carrier? 

Whatever the case, it’s important that us owners are able to capture and hold our dog’s attention. Just imagine the consequences if our dog ran onto a busy road and was not able to listen to us calling him back! 

Find a professional trainer that is actively working with dogs of your dog’s breed/type (i.e. retrievers, shepherds, etc) and that is using these successfully. The only proper function is to extend the reach of your ability to correct the dog.

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