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Getting the best affordable wet dog food is not a walk in the park because there is a multitude of options out there. And among them, you need to find the one that is both budget-friendly and offers the most benefits.

So to help you find the most trusted cheap pet food brands, we have come up with this detailed guide. It will help you understand the basics of finding the best wet dog food and how you should feed the wet food to your dog, so let’s get started:dr

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Is Wet food better for dogs?

sara-kurfess-9-XuVZ7PPps-unsplash-scaled Best affordable wet dog food What Vets Recommended

The basic difference between dry and wet food is mainly water content. The moisture content in dry food ranges from 3-12% while wet foods have 60-84% water content. This difference affects the foods in various ways such as the shelf life of the food, calorie content, digestion and even dental health.

Since wet food has more water content, it has a small shelf life but due to its moisture, it is easy to digest making it better for small pups. However, dry food has more calorie content so you might need to feed your dog two or three times a day to get the same amount of calories as the single eating session of dry food.

So: there is no straight answer to this but we will suggest that you give your dog both the wet and dry foods, not together, but at different times of the day according to their daily calorie intake. Make sure to talk to your vet before doing that!

The healthiest of best affordable wet dog food brands - What vets recommend?

The best affordable wet dog food is the one recommended by vets because they know what they are talking about. So to help you get only the best wet dog food, we have suggested some top brands below:

1. Royal Canin Canine Health Nutrition Canned Dog Food

Liked by Jeff Werber (veterinarian), Royal Canin has a very positive track record with a credible name. The Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Low Fat Canned Dog Food by Royal Canin is best for dogs as it's packed with essential nutrients and much-needed moisture for your dogs to stay healthy, digest easily and grow fast.

2. Wet Dog Food by Hill’s Science Diet:

It is packed with brown rice, the real meat and a range of pleasant vegetables such as carrots and peas. Combined with rich gravy, this mixture is perfect and irresistible for your dogs.

3. Purina pro plan focus wet dog food:

Another addition to the list of best affordable wet dog food that has Salmon as the number one ingredient in its recipe. It also contains oatmeal that is easily digested and supports the overall well-being of your dog.

There are many more awesome brands that your dogs will love, keep reading the guide to know about them.

What is the best dog food that is inexpensive?

  • Natural Balance Ultra-Premium: one of the best affordable wet dog foods containing high-quality animal fats and protein along with palatable vegetables. The key offering of this food is its special ingredient that reduces the odor in the stool of dogs. It’s currently priced at $18.12 on Amazon.
  • Cesar Gourmet: This is the best budget wet dog food that is made in the USA with the finest U.S meat. It has no artificial flavors or fillers and is perfect for all size of dogs. The current price on Amazon is $10.58.
  • Purina ONE SmartBlend: Made from real venison and turkey, this cheap pet food comes with lots of vital minerals, nutrients and vitamins. The natural protein in it will help promote muscle growth and strength in the dogs. Current price on Amazon is $16.84.

How much more expensive is wet dog food?

Yes, it’s true that even the best affordable wet dog food is usually more expensive than the dry food, however, due to its sometimes superior benefits, it’s definitely worth it.

To get a general idea of how expensive even the best budget wet dog food can be than dry food, let’s look at the example of Purina.

The dry Purina pro plan sells for $35 on Amazon with 35 lb of food in it while the 10 lb of wet food by Purina Pro is selling at $14. So each pound of wet food is around 40 cents costlier than dry food but this is just the example of one brand, the difference can be higher or lower for others.

field-dogs-300x600 Best affordable wet dog food What Vets Recommended

How much should I feed my dog wet food?

To be honest, we cannot answer this question as it requires the expert opinion of a vet after the checkup of the dog and its body weight. So you need to go to your vet and ask him how much wet dog food you can feed to your dog.

And based on the daily calorie need and body-weight of your dog, the vet will provide you with the best idea of the quantity you should be feeding.

What should I look for in wet dog food?

  • Look for Meat: Meat is necessary as the protein source for your dog. So make sure to have real meat in the food.
  • Additional Ingredients: Make sure they have vegetables and grains as well because the nutrients absent from meat will be found in these things.
  • Low Byproducts: It should not have byproducts of vegetables or meat. Small quantity is fine but not too much.
  • Certification: Make sure it is labeled as “Complete and Balanced” by AAFCO and is also FDA approved.
  • Reputation: Since the food will go into the body of your dog, it is imperative that you only get it from major and most credible brands like the ones we have mentioned above in this guide. Finding the best affordable wet dog food is not necessarily a bad thing but settling on cheap dog food online with no credibility can pose a threat to your dog’s health.

Is it OK to feed dogs wet food only OR Should I mix wet and dry dog food? 

Since both of these foods have their own sets of perks, you cannot completely deny the use of any one of them. Therefore, a majority of pet owners mix dry and wet foods together to provide their dogs with the best of both worlds.

So unless your dog has very strict dietary needs, you can consider this option. Combining both foods will not only provide your dog with the best flavor and nutrients, but it will also be light on your pocket.

However, we strongly recommend that you DO NOT mix the foods on your own; visit the vet first and let her/him make a proper combination for your dog.

What is the best canned dog food for small breeds?

If you own a small breed dog with a weight under 20 pounds then you may want to feed it the wet food that is specifically formulated for small dogs. Have a look at some of the best wet dog food products below:

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Small Breed Chicken & Turkey: This grilled and grain-free food is high on protein and low on carbs so your small dog stays healthy and fit. The product doesn’t contain any soy, corn, grain, wheat, by-products or preservatives making it an excellent choice for sensitive small dogs.

Castor and Pollux PRISTINE Grain-Free: One of the best affordable wet dog foods made from locally sourced ingredients so your dog can eat the freshest food available in the market. The reason it is the best cheap pet food is that it also contains chicken liver that provides a boost of proteins for the muscle-building of your dog.

Nulo Freestyle Lentils and Turkey: One of the best brands of cheap dog food online, Nulo offers grain-free wet food which is enriched with real turkey, lentils, turkey liver, and turkey broth for a protein-packed diet.

The top 5 healthiest dog foods:

tiffany-goerlich-ulROvgjMT4Q-unsplash-scaled Best affordable wet dog food What Vets Recommended

Nutro Wild Frontier: This is the best affordable wet dog food with grain-free formula and a whopping 99% protein directly acquired from meat. It’s also low on fat.

Solid Gold Leaping Waters: Another cheap pet food with grain-free formula and good credibility. It contains easy-to-digest protein source and lots of healthy ingredients. It is free from fillers.

Blue Buffalo Blue’s Stew: Comes in multiple choices for fat and protein levels along with different flavors. It’s also grain-free and is made from natural ingredients.

Merrick Lil’ Plates Small Breed: This is for the toy dogs who need a healthy diet to stay active and fit. It contains high levels of protein and comes in multiple flavors.

Purina ONE True Instinct: Last but not least, this is definitely the best affordable wet dog food because it offers all-meat ingredients at affordable prices. Plus, it's free from preservatives, flavors and artificial colors.

Over to You:

The lists of different cheap pet foods are only provided to help you find the best affordable wet dog food that not only your dog actually enjoys but you also see him/her grow happy and healthy. Lastly, we would again recommend you to consult with your vet first before mixing the dry and wet foods together to safeguard the health of your dog.

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