Best Way To Potty Train A Dog

When you pick up a little puppy, it not only brings happiness and joy, but also responsibility and hygiene measures must be followed to guarantee your well-being and your own health. The best way to potty train a dog, only to a certain village to pee.

Why is the dog peeing in the house?

When puppies are very common, they pee in the house, because they must first learn that this is not right. In addition, the puppy dog may not leave the house, as long as certain vaccinations are missing. So you can not prevent puppies from peeing in the house, but pay attention to proper hygiene and start education as soon as possible.

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If you have adopted an adult dog and it pees into the house , there are several reasons:

  • 1
    He is not housebroken because he has never learned that.
  • 2
    He has a trauma.
  • 3
    He has a health problem.
  • 4
    He has no regular times.
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Try to put the following tips into practice as the best way to potty train a dog.

If the problem persists, you should seek advice from a veterinarian, as it may be a health problem.

Puppies are not yet able to control themselves well and are not allowed out of the house at first. So you have to set them up a little village and show that there is peed.

Simply put newspaper at a suitable place and watch the dog. Every time you see that he wants to pee, you take him and put him on the paper. If you come too late, you take the newspaper and moisten it with a little urine, then you put it back to the desired location.

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Show your dog from the beginning where he should pee!

Dogs have a habit of peeing from their ancestors, the wolves , outside of their sleeping area. One reason for keeping the sleeping area clean is not to alert you to possible enemies by the smell. It also spares the area of parasites.

If the dog mother does not teach her puppy this, it's up to you to take care of the education and patiently show your pooch where to find the place to do his little business.

If he is still very small and does not have all the vaccinations, he probably can not get out of the house, so it's best to start by teaching him how to pee on puppy pads or on newspaper at a certain place.

It takes a lot of time and patience for your puppy to learn to do his or her little business on a particular spot on the puppy pads.

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Best way to potty train a dog: pee on a puppy pad?

First, you must set the appropriate location to set up the dog bed, the bowl and the water bowl. Then you also have to decide at which place you put the puppy pad or a newspaper, where your dog can do his little business.

It must always be in the same place and every time the dog pees on the pad, you praise him and caress him. You can also give him a small reward if you wish.

Do not forget that the positive reinforcement is perfect for raising a dog. You should refrain from penalties, because that will not help you. The Animal is only frightened by this and can be traumatized. As a result, it may be that it does its business in all places.

Patience and observation are essential to bring the dog home

Do not forget that you can not raise your puppy in one day, you have to be patient until he is housebroken, because he learns very slowly. Do not give up, it's worth it!

You need to be alert to catch the dog when he wants to pee and then take him to the puppy pad. Watch your dog especially at the following times:

    When he wakes up
After Eating
    After the game
If the dog is nervous

A 2-month-old puppy can endure about 3 to 4 hours, the older he is, the longer he can wait to do his little business. If you watch your dog, you will see that he walks around in circles and snoops on the ground before evacuating, as if looking for something.

Over time, you will see that your patience is bearing fruit and your dog is learning to seek his place. If you have any doubts, it's best to seek advice from a veterinarian.

There are also pads in the pet store that spread a scent that attracts the puppies and asks them to do their business there.

During the first walks, the quadruped should then get used to peeing outside in the park. This should become the normal everyday life, because it is fundamental for the hygiene that the fur nose is housebroken.

Be patient and loving with your dog, so that he actually learns to pee at his very special place!

Why does my dog urinate or pee
when he is happy?

The hyperemotivity :Hyperemotivity exists in both dogs and humans. It manifests itself in the slightest emotional reaction such as pleasure, joy but also punishment ...

Be careful because not all dogs are born with the same emotivity, take ten Labradors subjected to the same stress, each of them will have a different adrenaline rate, which explains why some legged companions manage to restrain each emotion and others not at all!

I can understand that this unintentional behavior is highly unpleasant for you, but it is not a reason to let yourself be tempted to physically punish it . You will only further reinforce these annoying effects and break mutual trust.

How to prevent my dog from peeing when he is happy?

The desensitization solution

The principle is to avoid the situations that excite it. As a first step, I advise you to gather all the members of the family and to make them understand that they must without any exception adopt the same conduct as you. Ditto for friends coming home.

Here is exactly what you will do every day, every time you come home, do not greet your dog right away, ignore him totally (not to speak, not to look, not to caress ...) and it is only when he will be calmer than you can gradually come to him and stroke him without him getting excited again, but wait about 10 to 15 minutes before coming back to him.

It is important to know your dog well because you will be precisely when the hyperemotivity triggers. This method must be repeated every day and by the whole family, I say everyone!

My dog is urinating on the floor!

If your dog gets loose and urinates on the floor, do not try to clean in front of him because he will associate this with attention from you. Stay completely indifferent to his behavior, continue your activities and it is only after a few minutes that you can put your dog in another room with his chewing bone and of course clean the floor.

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