Cat Bitting-How To Cease Your Cat From Such Bad Behaviors


Why my cat bites: Although some cats bite their owners to show their affection when being petted or playing, this behavior can be hazardous. While most of the biting is playful, most of the time, it is an undesirable behavior especially if it draws blood. Different cats bite their owners for different reasons. To stop this behavior, the first thing you need to identify is what triggers him to bite you, and then take the necessary action.

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Why my cat bites me

Knowing why your cat bites is the key to getting to the bottom of this behavior and stopping it. The way to train a nervous kitty is not the same way you will teach an aggressive player. If you do not take the time to understand why your cat is biting, you may end up reinforcing the bad behavior by trying to train them with the wrong program. There are many reasons why my cat bites me.


My cat bites me to assert dominance

First, this is a natural animalistic behavior that a cat uses to affirm dominance or respond to threats. If the biting occurs at home, the cat could just be trying to show you who is in charge. This is especially true if your cat bites you and does not back down or try to play with you. With such behavior, your cat is displaying dominance over you.


My cat bites me when he is trying to communicate something

Some cats bite as a way of communication. As an alternative to meowing, your cat may nip on your forearm or calf to indicate that they need something– be it to be fed, to be let go outside or to remind you to clean their litter box. You will know your cat is biting to communicate when after biting; they try to lead you off towards what they want, or where they want something done. Your cat may also bite you and meow immediately after.

Cat bite me out of frustration
Some cats may bite out of frustration. If your cat gets too bored or lonely when you leave them at home an entire day, they may be in need of mental stimulation and exercise. This frustration often results in biting people.

My cat bites our guests


590293026-300x200 Cat Bitting-How To Cease Your Cat From Such Bad BehaviorsAlthough territorial biting is normally displayed towards other cats, sometimes it may be directed towards people as well. This type of aggression may be triggered by moving to a new home, a new pet or person in the house, or if another cat in the house reaches sexual maturity.

Other causes of cat biting include;

• Maternal instincts
• Petting-induced aggression
• Poor play socialization
• Fear

How to stop cat biting
Training your cat to stop biting is just like teaching any other animal to stop a particular behavior. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when training your cat:

• Punish bad behavior and reward good behavior
• Reward or punish should always follow your cat’s action immediately. Otherwise, your cat will not know why you are doing it.
• Consistency is key when training a cat
Other than these basic principles, you need to understand that there are specific ways you can respond to different types of biting behavior:

My cat bites me to assert dominance
If this is the case with your cat, show them who is in charge. You can do this by getting angry and speaking loudly. Unlike dogs that are responsive to verbal communication, cats respond to tone and volume. Male cats are more aggressive. Consider neutering them to calm them down.

Use dominance items
For instance, when my cat bites me, I use a rolled-up newspaper to hit him on the head lightly. You can use any dominance item. Eventually, your cat will stop just by seeing it.

These measures are highly recommended for cats that are just trying to show dominance. However, if your cat’s biting is in an attempt to communicate with you, you need to take a completely different approach when trying to stop this behavior.

Cats that bite to signal you
When my cat bites me when trying to communicate, I ignore him. If you do not react or ignore a cat that bites to signal you, they will try using a different approach. But the moment you respond, you encourage them to keep on with the behavior.

Create a different way of communication. For instance, only do something your cat wants after they rub against your leg or meow. Over time, they will learn to use it as it gets what they want to be done.

Do not punish your cat too much. Be discerning with negative reinforcement. Remember, you are trying to reach out to your cat and teaching them the right way to communicate with you. Hence, if you reprimand them too much, they may become withdrawn and afraid to inform you what they need.

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Cat training program
Cat parents should also consider investing in a professional cat training problem to help nub this problem. Although for a while most people thought cats could not be trained due to their nature of being more independent than dogs, they can learn just as fast as the dogs. With insight and the right training products, you can start training your cat to stop undesirable behaviors and promote healthy interaction.

Cat training programs offer customized techniques that are tailored to suit you and your cat. They take the time to evaluate your cat’s behavior to come up with the best approach and training program to improve the situation. They also use things that naturally motivate your dog like treats, toys, and praise to change the bad behavior quickly, efficiently and humanely.

Cat training programs will not only teach you how to stop cat biting, but also everything you need to know about cats. They will show you how to train your cat, including learning theories, training tools, safety techniques and practices, feline care and nutrition, how to prevent unwanted behaviors, and behavior management. Some programs also offer pet first aid and CPR certification.

They also offer ongoing support after you have finished the training, providing you with regular tips and answering any questions you might be having after the program.

Cat bites are not only dangerous to you but to other cats and pets as well. A cat bite can cause serious infections. Such behavior, therefore, should be stopped as soon as it crops up. Teaching bite inhibition to your cat early will help you and your cat build a healthy happy relationship.


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