The Main 3 Reasons why does your cat peeing on couch suddenly

What does it mean cat peed on couch

Seeing your cat peeing on couch suddenly can be alarming. This can make your life a lot challenging especially when guests visit you and inhale the unpleasant smell of urine the entire time.

Furthermore, your cat might also be suffering from some medical issues resulting in cat urinating in house suddenly. So if you want to stop cat peeing on couch and furniture then this guide is just for you.

We have not only talked about the reasons for cat peeing on furniture and how to fix them, but we have also discussed how you can easily remove cat urine smell. Furthermore, you will also learn about an incredible guide “Cat Spraying No More” created by a Veterinary Technician to specifically solve this problem. So let’s get started:

Are you a cat owner who wouldn't fathom living without your feline friend, but have become frustrated with its recent "spraying" issues?  figure out how to find a solution? Look no further.

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3 reasons why is my cat suddenly peeing on the couch?

There are different reasons to why your cat peeing on couch suddenly, however, the most common ones are given below:

  • Medical Issues: Whenever your cat exhibits strange behavior like cat peeing on couch suddenly then it can be a medical problem as well. Your cat might have issues like diabetes, urinary tract infection, arthritis or other serious medical conditions, so make sure to have her checked by a vet.
  • Feels Safe: Cats like to jump around and climb up to high places because they feel safer there compared to the ground. Therefore, if your cat peeing on furniture, bed or couch then it can also mean that she is scared to go to the litter box because another cat or something else might be scaring her.
  • Litter Box Issue: Sometimes multiple cats are using one litter box which is not right. The rule is one box per cat. So this can also explain the cat urinating in house suddenly. Furthermore, the location of the box should be right as well, make sure to avoid confined spaces and place it in an area with a good view.

Make sure to pay attention when it comes to your cat urinating in house suddenly so you can find out the root cause and solve it.

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What does it mean cat peed on couch right in front of me? 

biel-morro-bsSIk3LV_NE-unsplash-scaled The Main 3 Reasons why does your cat peeing on couch suddenly

Like humans, stressful events can also impact the temper and actions of cats. If your feline friend is suffering from anxiety and stress, it will do things like peeing on your couch or clothes right in front of you. This is their way to combat these issues and the reason is not irrational at all.

Cat peeing on couch suddenly in front of you can mean she needs to feel your scent to calm down because her anxiety is making it hard for her to urinate. And she needs her owner’s presence to find relief when urinating

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What does cat spray smell like?

Both male and female cats’ sprays smell a little different. The male cats usually spay to mark their territory or to attract a mate. The intensity of male cat’s spray is stronger than the normal urine and it can be felt from up to 10ft of distance. Their smell lasts for several hours no matter how hard you try to remove cat urine smell.

In the case of female cats, they also spray areas to mark as their territory but the smell intensity and size of the spray can be smaller than male’s and also less frequent. The smell of both genders’ spray is almost the same as a musky urine smell but only stronger and long-lasting.

To get an idea of what their spray smells like, you can sniff the litter tray after the cat has urinated on it and multiply that smell by 10. You can get the idea of how the spray smells like.

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How do you keep a cat from peeing on couch at night?

  • Use Pheromone Diffuser: There are electric pheromone diffusers that disperse the chemical into the air and produce a calming effect in pets. You can plug it in the outlet during the night, repeat it for a few days and you should be able to stop cat peeing on couch. However, it mostly works if your cat is peeing on couch or bed because she’s feeling anxious or scared.
  • Changing Litter Box: If you don’t find any luck with the pheromone diffuser then you might consider changing the box that has extra space. Also make sure to place it somewhere your cat feels safe and likes to hang out and combine pheromone diffuser with this trick.
  • Use Cat Spraying No More: If none of the tactics works, then you might need to call in the big guns! If you are not aware, there is a detailed guide named “Cat Spraying No More” that has detailed instructions on how to stop cat peeing on couch, furniture, bed or any other place. We will further discuss it at the end of this guide.
2 The Main 3 Reasons why does your cat peeing on couch suddenly

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How to clean cat pee out of couch?

  • Use Auto Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner: There are automatic carpet cleaners that come with attachments for cleaning of both carpets and upholstery. You can use them to soak the urine stain, then apply commercial cleaning detergent using its nozzle and them vacuum the area to completely remove it.
  • Use Enzymatic Cleaners: If want to remove cat urine smell along with the stain then special cleaners containing enzymes might help. These enzymes go deep in the cushions of couch to thoroughly clean the urine stains and remove its smell. You just need to apply the solution and let it dry and you are done; they usually don’t require rinsing.
  • Baking Soda with Vinegar: You can also try an effective home remedy using the solution of baking soda, water and vinegar. Create a paste by mixing these three things, and slather it on the pee stain. Let the solution dry and then simply vacuum it. This will remove both the stain and odor.

Why do female cats urinate on furniture?

chunlea-ju-HN3-ehlNwsc-unsplash-1030x687 The Main 3 Reasons why does your cat peeing on couch suddenly

Besides the factors mentioned above, female cats sometimes pee to find a mate. Though it sounds completely strange and doesn’t resonate with how humans find mates, cats have no Tinder so they seek refuge in natural sources, thus pee!

To cats, pee doesn’t smell unpleasant, rather, it is like a perfume for a male cat that stimulates the mood for love. So if you see your female cat peeing on furniture or any other place without health, anxiety or litter box issue, then it might be a call for love!

Cat peeing on new furniture solution:

Remember how we talked about a guide “Cat Spraying No More” above? Well let’s dive deeper into what it is and how it can stop cat urinating in house suddenly. Well firstly, it’s not a medicine or device that can ‘magically’ stop cat peeing on couch.

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It’s actually a step-by-step guide with illustrations developed by Sarah Richards, a Veterinary Technician that helps pet owners, especially cat owners stop spraying and paying outside of the litter box. Here are a few things this guide has in store for you:

  • Finding out WHY the cat is even urinating in the house
  • Proven ways to ensure that your cat uses her litter box
  • Recipe for an Herbal Repellent Mix that you can easily make at home
  • 3 Case Studies on how Sarah stopped her cats from spraying on different areas of the house
  • Things to avoid when dealing with cat peeing on furniture problem.

The guide has MUCH MORE content than these few things and if you visit its official page, you will see testimonials from people regarding how it helped them overcome this problem.

Home remedies to stop cats from peeing on furniture:

  • Try moving the food and water near the place they often pee. This will make them pee elsewhere as they don’t urinate where they eat.
  • Make the site unattractive using pinecones, aluminum foil or marbles so the cat doesn’t pee there because of the noises they make.
  • Lastly, try out the actually proven remedies given in the Cat Spraying No More guide.

This video shows How stopped my cat from peeing on the furniture

How can you stop a cat from peeing in the same spot?

  • Try getting a less coarse and scent-free litter box as cats find these things a little offensive
  • Try to keep the litter box clean because they may not return to it if it's dirty and instead, go to the same place to pee again and again.
  • Lastly, clean the spot that your cat is using again and again. This will deter the cat from returning there. You can also place things that cats don’t like such as pine cones, marbles or aluminum foil.


Well that is all for this guide on reasons for cat peeing on couch suddenly and fixing them. Just remember that if your cat is cleared by the vet for any health issues but still your cat urinating in house suddenly then you need advanced tactics. Thankfully, the guide “Cat Spraying No More” has some good tactics and examples on how to stop cat peeing on couch.

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