Do you know How to train a puppy?

How to train a Puppy

Do you know How to train a Puppy? The common question is.Do you know How to train a Puppy? is the most common question that all dog owners ask. when you brought your cute stuffed puppy home to your house, it probably was not on your priority list. You were probably too absorbed in how cute the puppy was and how much he already seemed to love you and your family.The day passes, and he is an absolute joy that surrounds the house. You are so happy that you have finally decided to have a pet. Is not he the cutest in the world? Then a disaster happens right there on the living room carpet!

In a short time, there have been several “accidents,” and it goes directly to the Internet. You write on Google, and then you search the World Wide Web “house training a dog!” Here are three useful tips you can use to train your dog so you can enjoy your new pet and not have to replace the carpet in a few weeks.

Generous reward

The natural reaction for your new puppy when he leaves gifts throughout the house is to punish him. Particularly when these are repeated offenses. You have not told her several times not to go to the bathroom at home! (Impatience is truly a human trait) Just remember not to punish the dog. You will get much more if you reward good behavior instead of punishing the bad guy when you house training a dog
You will have a better relationship with your puppy and will also be happier. Go up with your praise and rewards; Do not just give him a gift. When you make a big fuss, you fully associate the correct behavior with praise and reward.

It is like the dog to want to please him. Most of the time they will do whatever is necessary to attract their praise and attention. Some possible rewards include talking to him in an excited voice, clapping or a tasty snack. Do anything that tells your dog that you are satisfied with it.


Use Command words is the Best practice for house training a dog

You must use command words when house training a dog. Good communication is crucial for successful training, and you should talk to it in a way that you understand. Human language is beyond the comprehension of a dog. However, they do understand when words are associated with actions. For example, if you consistently use the words go to the bathroom and then escort them to a potty area, you will learn that you want them to go to the bathroom.

The trick here is to associate the same words with the same action each time. Which phrase you choose is not as important as the words are the connection to action. In fact, you could say “Red bumpers for babies” and use it consistently with a specific action, over time you’ll get that action every time you say the words. You probably do not want to use a tongue twister during your dog’s training, but you understand the point.


Consistency in training a dog

Do you ask How to train a Puppy?

When you house training a dog, you will soon learn that one thing is of vital importance, and that is to be consistent. This should be the most important thing in your mind. Dogs are like people because they are creatures of habit. This means that when you start training your puppy, you must do your training, in the same way, all the time. Use the same command words with the same action. It will confuse your pet and interrupt its progress by not doing so.


In addition to using the same words and actions, you need to use the same location. Do not leave space for interpretation by your dog about where it is acceptable to use the bathroom. Also, be sure to reward your dog as soon as he has finished his business. The reward will always be associated with the last action performed.


House training a dog tips: Training dogs for your own benefit

House training a dog is necessary for peace in your home, whether you are training a puppy or training older dogs that you have rescued from a dog shelter or adopted from another family. You will discover that, without house training a dog, you will enjoy your new family member less and will not get along with other family pets.


From the first moment, the first concern when house training a dog, especially training puppies, is to teach them to let you know when they need to relieve themselves, instead of staining their carpets or floors. This requires love and patience, but do not give up.


As important as training dogs are to teach them to respect their family members and guests. Nobody likes to visit a friend just so their dogs, whether puppies or older dogs, jump on them. You may think it’s cute when your small dogs jump over the laps of your visitors, but rest assured that most of your visitors will not.


Another house training a dog advice that many people ignore is teaching your dog to walk with you on a leash, not dragging it down the street or on the lawn, or dragging it behind you. Training two to behave appropriately on walks will save you years of frustration and disagreement between you and your canine friend and ask them How to train a puppy, so you are doing both of you a favor. And the proper behavior of walking with dogs includes teaching them not to bark, growl or chase other animals, be they other dogs, cats, squirrels, etc


In summary, understand in advance that if you are adopting a dog, whether puppies or older dogs, assume certain responsibilities as a dog owner. And the main one, after providing adequate shelter, food and medical attention, is house training a dog to become a member of your family unit that is truly loved and well behaved!

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