Why Does Your Dog whining all of a sudden?

Dog whining is one of the most common problems among dog owners. Just like barking or growling, dog whining is among the few ways.your dog vocalizes and communicates with you.It is a common way through which dogs express their emotional, mental and physical state. Dog whining is especially common in puppies as they learn to communicate their wants and needs.However, when dog whining becomes a long-term persistent behavior, it might become a problem. Before you try to control your dog whining behavior, it is essential that you understand the reason behind Why Does Your Dog whining all of a sudden?


What causes dog whining?

Dog whining is the most recognizable sound in a canine’s hoard of vocalizations. Here are some of the common causes of dog whining:

Stress Dog whining is a common sign that your dog may be afraid or anxious. Stressful dog whining is often accompanied by other symptoms
of fear such as pacing around the room, lip licking, and yawning. Whether it is
a new environment, unfamiliar people, pets or dogs, uncomfortable conditions
may stress your pet leading to dog whining.

Boredom  Sometimes, dog whining may be a sign of boredom. If your dog spends most of his days cooped up in your living room floor, he probably gets bored and may start whining or even barking to get rid of his boredom.

Excitement Dog whining may also be as a result of excitement.images-8 Why Does Your Dog whining all of a sudden? The excessive dog whining may just be a way for your pet to expel all the energy he has built up.

Separation anxiety if your dog starts whining just before you leave, or when you are away, he might be showing signs of separation anxiety. Most times,dog owners are responsible for encouraging their dog’s anxiety by making a big fuss when leaving or coming back home. Hence, your dog whining may be his way
of showing his concern of your absence which often provokes stress every time you leave.

Pain Dog whining may be a sign of illness or distress. If your dog whines when he is sick, he might just be trying to communicate images-13-1 Why Does Your Dog whining all of a sudden?that he is feeling unwell. He may also just be whining in an effort to calm himself (appeasement).

 Needing something Dog whining could be a way your dog communicates
when he needs something, be it food, water, a walk or a toy. If you look keenly, he may even be shifting eyes between you and the object.

Attention seeking Sometimes, dog whining is just a tactic that your dog uses to get your attention. You may notice that the dog whining increases when you are doing something that does not pexels-photo-164446-1 Why Does Your Dog whining all of a sudden?involve him such as when you are having a conversation with other people or focusing on something else.

How to Control Dog Whining

Visit the Vet: If you are unable to tell what may be triggering the

excessive dog whining, the first thing you need to do is to take your dog to the veterinarian. The vet will conduct a thorough examination to rule out any medical concerns you might be having, such as hip dysplasia and arthritis that may be the cause of the excessive dog whining.

If your vet realizes a medical issue,
they will work with you in treating the condition. Once the treatment is done, the dog whining problem should cease with time. However, in the event your vet determines that the dog whining is not due to a physical issue,

He may recommend behavioral modification or treatments that may be helpful for anxiety or behavioral problems.

Reinforce the positive and ignore the whining Be mindful that following up on dog whining only encourages your dog to do it more

a-veterinarian-posing-with-a-purebred-beagle-dog_HYXbwGrAHo Why Does Your Dog whining all of a sudden?

A veterinarian posing with a purebred beagle dog.

often. For instance, if you speak every time you hear your dog whining, you are only rewarding this behavior.

Even a negative response like yelling to a whining dog rewards the behavior
inadvertently. Always remember that attention, whether negative or positive, is still attention.

Therefore, ignore the dog whining that is as a
result of excitement, boredom or even separation anxiety. Try to keep your
entrances simple when you arrive home. Speak quietly, move slowly and give your
dog zero attention until they stop whining.

Consider a dog training program

Another great way to stop the dog whining problem is through a dog training program. These programs use proven techniques that are bound to stop dog whining once and for all. Some of the benefits of a dog training program include;

Takes care of multiple behavioral issues: These programs can help you curb most behavioral problems in dogs such as biting, aggression, barking, chewing, digging, house training, bolting out of the door, jumping, pulling on the leash, separation anxiety and even dog whining in the shortest time possible.

You will get to learn more:
One of the perks of enrolling your pet in a dog training program is that both of you get to learn new ways of communication. As a dog owner, you will learn how to read your pet’s intentions, behavior patterns and overall how to communicate with them. You will also learn the basic concepts of dog training, how to transmit messages to your dog and get him to respond, and so much more. This is an essential part of training as it can help you take care of the dog whining problem permanently.

Your dog will learn social skills:
Social skills allow your dog to behave appropriately in certain situations. For instance, if the dog whining is as a result of stress from being left with strangers, the training program can help resolve this behavior. The dog will learn not to bark at passersby, stop pulling on the leash or panicking if he happens to see a squirrel.carefor-728x90 Why Does Your Dog whining all of a sudden?

Your dog will have fewer obedience problems:

A dog that has undergone a dog training program successfully generally has fewer obedience problems than an untrained one. This is because your dog can communicate with you better after undergoing the program. This makes it easier to set for what is and isn’t allowed such as
dog whining.images-10 Why Does Your Dog whining all of a sudden?

While dog whining is a normal dog behavior, it can
be incredibly annoying. The ultimate benefit of a training program is happiness
for both you and your canine friend as he will not need to result in excessive
dog whining just to communicate. A pet training program that rewards the dog
with positive reinforcement is highly recommended as it will help build a
strong bond between you and your dog to foster trust and cooperation.



stop dog barking

Why Dogs Bark and How You Can Stop Dog Barking!

Expecting a dog not to bark is as unreasonable as expecting a child not to talk. Dog barking is a normal behavior and an essential form of communication. Dogs will bark when communicating to their human friends, responding to other barking dogs, alerting us of any unusual noise or when they are excited.However, the barking may become excessive and annoying.

A recent study showed that approximately a third of dog owners reported that their dogs barked excessively. To control this bad habit, we first need to understand why the dogs are barking.

So Why do Dogs Bark?

i. Alert /warning – Most owners encourage this type of barking. They want their dog to warn them in case of any danger or suspicious sounds or when they see a stranger. Alerting barks gets more intense and rapid
as the noises get louder or as the intruder approaches. The barks tend to be aggressive with a low pitch and is at most times accompanied with growls. It is however important to be able to distinguish between warning barks and barks due to fear.

ii. Attention seekers – This type of barking is mostly associated with puppies when they want you to focus your attention to them. A time out is often effective with this type of barking.

iii. Anxiety – Anxious barking is often an act of self-soothing for most dogs. Anxious barks tend to be high-pitched and is at most times accompanied with whining. This is most common with dogs experiencing separation anxiety.

iv. Play/ excitement – barks are often sharp and short lived. This happens when the dog gets too excited while playing. A time out is often enough to stop this type of barking.

v. Responding to other dogs – When one dog barks down the streets, you will notice that one by one, all the dogs of your block barking back. This is a form of self- identification for dogs.

vi. Boredom – Bored dogs bark to release excess energy. These types of bark tend to be sad and can be annoying. The dog usually needs a simple activity or a companion to keep them occupied.

vii.Startle barking – occurs when the dog hears sudden suspicious movements as with case of warning barks.

You can see clearly that there are many reasons behind dog barking. Most of them are normal barks but can became annoying at times. There are a variety of actions and training programs to prevent such excessive barking. To increase the chances of success, you need to choose those actions that you can be consistent with.

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  1. making your dog bring a present: Encouraging your dog to bring objects
    to you or to your guests or by simply encouraging him to carry objects around the house will help keep the dogs mouth closed. Naturally, dogs that enjoy retrieving objects as a way of expressing their pleasure barks less. This is because naturally, dogs cannot bag when holding an object.

It is however important that you avoid giving the toy when the dog is barking because the dog might actually mistake the toy as reward for barking.

  1. Closing your dog’s mouth gently: If your dog is the type that will bark
    at people or other dogs a head halter, it is very simple to close his mouth and redirect him into the acceptable behavior by introducing the halter. When an unwanted bark occurs, you can lift the leash which closes your dog’s mouth and he sits. You can then guide him to the right direction.

This one simple step allows you to stop the barking while still gaining the attention of your dog.

  1. Creating distraction: Some dogs require a simple distraction to take off their mind from the stimulus to bark. There are cases when the barking is too intensified such that a verbal command cannot cut the behavior. In such a case, some distraction is needed to break the concentration on the barking.

The interrupter could be a higher frequency sound which will interrupt the barking. Dropping a can full of pebbles or a chain in front of the dog can provide the interruption.

  1. Bark on command: Teaching your dog to bark on command can be very effective. Do not wait for seconds after the dog has stopped barking to reward him because he might mistake the reward for barking
    which is actually a reward for staying quiet.

Dog barks, and the owner says “Quiet” and he stops barking, when he says “Speak” and the dog barks. This shows that the dog is under control and is ready to receive warning.

  1. Bark collars: The bark collars automatically set off an interrupter immediately the dog wearing the bark collar barks. There are bark collars that emit noise, others blast air of citronella while there are also those that use an electric stimulation between the two points on the collar which limits the feeling to that area.

All of them can work but professional advice is needed with bark collars especially if your
dog’s barking is out of fear, compulsion or anxiety.


The most important aspect is your relationship with the dog. Your dog should have enough confidence in you. This is acquired by spending quality time together, through dog exercise and showing appreciation to your dog when he does something good. This is the basis of building confidence and trust that lets your dog know when to
bark and when to be quiet.

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