Travel with Your Dog with Stress-free!

Want to travel with Your Dog with Stress-free?
Your pet is a part of the family. A dog even more so. They walk with you, sometimes eat with you, protect you, serve you and love you. They’re among the smartest animals humans can call friends. You wouldn’t leave your family member at home when you travel for long periods, would you? 


Sure, it’s not the same as traveling with a little child, but there are things that can be done to alleviate some of the stresses that accompany taking your dog along with you on a vacation. Plus, it’s just a lot more joyous! Holidays inevitably involve some stress that involves a stubborn partner, tantrum-throwing children or bad luck that puts a damper on the festive spirit. Your dog doesn’t care about that all – they just love and want to be loved. They can raise your spirits when you’re down and that’s all the reason you need to take a bit of trouble to bring them along. 


We’ll provide six crucial tips to make managing the process a whole easier. 


1.  Ensure you Book Pet-Friendly Accommodation

 Pet-friendly hotels are on the rise around the world, and some hotels will even unofficially let yourcarefor-160x600 Travel with Your Dog with Stress-free! brings your dog in. You’ll still want to double check though, because pet-friendly hotels tend to have additional facilities for pets, such as a running and walking area. Call the hotel up and ask them if they any specific restrictions.Some may have even grooming services. If your family is going to enjoy the vacation, why shouldn’t the dog?


2.  Take your Dog to the Vet

 It’s always important to make regular visits to the vet and keep your dog up-to-date on his or her shots. Some areas are more disease-ridden than others. Your vet may know what exactly to watch out for and advise your accordingly. Should something occur, you should be prepared to handle, as you’ve been informed of local threats, like Lyme disease, by the vet.


3.  Your Needs His or Her Own Bag

 Your dog will need a lot of things, like any child that needs taking care of. Bring the same food and water bowls, medication, leashes, toys, dog-friendly insect repellant, tick removes, combs, treats, blankets, and towels. Use your judgment in bringing what’s necessary, but these are the bare minimum. Don’t purchase new items. Apart from exciting your dog, the scent of items from home will make it comfortable in a new environment. 


4.  No Sticking the Head out of the Window

 The movies have it all wrong. Allowing your dog to stick its head outside the window can be downright dangerous. They may be one of the smartest animals, but their fondness for this act is really bad for them. For long trips, you should consider keeping it in a ventilated, spacious crate. It’s not the most comfortable, but your dog will get restless and bother you as your drive if you leave it to be free in the car. For shorter distances, it may be acceptable to do so, but remember that you will only be endangering it and your family if you let its discomfort on the road affect you. 



5.  Take a Break While Driving

 Want to travel with Your Dog?You can relieve some of the dog’s discomfort by taking a short break at some point during the trip. This a good time to take a short walk. This will let the dog expend some of its pent-up energy, give it a chance to poop or pee and enjoy itself. Don’t feed it 

during the ride, but you can once the walk is over. High protein snacks are a good idea.


6.  Double Check the ID Tag

 If you don’t have one already, you should make an ID tag immediately. Update the phone number to your personal cell phone number and the address as well. Heaven forbids, but should something go wrong, you can at least take comfort in the fact that there’s a quick way to get in touch with someone who has found your dog.


Most importantly, remember to have fun and keep your dog comfortable, just like you would with anyone you travel with! Enjoy your vacation with one of the friendliest and smartest animals that man can call family!

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